JQuery: Hide Column Based On SharePoint User Group

  • Download Jquery and SPService.
  • Upload In Any Document Library. In my case i upload it in ‘Shared Documents’.
  • In my case i want to hide ‘IDC Status’ column based on user group. It can only be seen by ‘Checkers’ group not ‘Users’ group.
  • First thing you need to do, ensure the form that you want to customize. This can be done by checking the url on ur site. If you want to customize the edit view of a form make sure the url is something like this http://yoursite/Lists/test/editForm.aspx?RootFolder=
  • Then click ‘Site Actions’ on the top left corner, and ‘Edit Page’, ‘Page Tools’, ‘Web Part’, ‘Media and Content’ , ‘Content Editor’, and click button ‘Add’.
  • A new box with text content editor will be created. Click on the box and clic ‘HTML’, ‘Edit HTML Source’.
  • Paste this script int the box, click ok, and on top corner left click ‘Page’, ‘Stop Editing’.
  • And the result will be like something like this:  

Microsoft SharePoint

Do you have a business website? or company’s website? if you want your site to be more dynamic, interactive and optimize its function, Microsoft SharePoint(SP) is a great tool for that. Your site will no longer be used just to display your or company’s info but as a platform for more productive and organized teamwork. As the name suggests, SP can be used to share information with others, manage documents and publish report. Below is a given details from microsoft about SP

I have been given a task to make a system for file sharing in my company. I am still new with this technology and still learning. Ill be posting about problems and issues that i have stumbled upon using SP. If you have something to share, please do share your knowledge with me 🙂