Visual Studio: Creating Workflow For SharePoint Using State Machine Workflow

This is a good video on how to create state machine workflow using visual studio 2010


This is a code that i’ve created. it is just a basic workflow from video above but it might help you out in the learning process

Get Person/Group Column Value in State Machine Workflow

Just paste this code in your workflow and you are good to go

How To Link Web Part to SharePoint List

  • First we need to create web part in visual studio. Open visual studio. On the start page, click ‘New Project’,  ‘Visual C#’, ‘SharePoint’, and ‘Visual Web Part’
  • Use VS toolbox to create web part that fits your requirement. In this example, i use 2 textboxes and 1 button in the web part.
  • Click on the button that you created and it will bring you to the souce code. Paste this code below and deploy it to site by clicking ‘Build’ and ‘Deploy’.
  • Add your web part to document library by clicking on your top left ‘Site Actions’, ‘Edit Page’, ‘Page’ , ‘Custom’, click on the uploaded web part and click ‘Add’
  • Now when you add value in the textbox and click button, data will be send to the list that you have set.If you have comments or better ideas please let me know. Hope this helps.