Using Replace In SQL

I really need to learn more about sql statements. So this is how to replace certain words/symbols in SQL statements.

In this example i select value from the field selected and add it to replace function and then add the symbol that you to replace at first parameter and symbol that you want it to be in second parameter.

Dynamic Array For Indicator

I want to make indicators to check for mandatory fields and i have a problem to make a dynamic one. So i plan to use array and loop it to make dynamic indicators for that purposes. This code is in vbscript.

Knowledge Management System


  • A discipline that promotes an integrated approach for capturing, identifying, storing, retrieving, and sharing of information assets.
  • Examples of information assets can be databases, documents, articles, procedures, policies, and even discussion from forum.
  • The main purpose of KMS is to ensure that knowledge and data can be retained, managed, and used efficiently by others for reference.

Types of Knowledge

  • Lesson Learned – information that are retrieved from people who have encountered a problem and found a solution for that problem.
  • Expertise Location – to provide a way to locate expert or expert’s information.
  • Communities of Practice – group of people discussing problems, opportunities, and lesson learned.

Examples of KMS

  • Shared Project Files – a group of people can work collaboratively on a project. Files can be shared between them for review and improvements.
  • Blog – an individual can make an entry to share about a problem that they have encountered and how can you solve it.
  • Forum – a group of people can discuss a problem or improvements of existing solution based on their lesson learned.

Key Features

  • Aggregation of content from both internal and external sources
  • Classification of content using taxonomies
  • Search
  • Expertise location
  • Views / dashboards

Difference Between Two Dates

I need to get difference between two dates and display the result in months and years. This should be simple. As i am very familiar with DateDiff function. That’s what i thought at first. But i don’t know why i spend so much time on this problem. I even had to consult with my friend to discuss about the formula. This is what i got.

I have to split the year or else it will round up to the nearest integer. There is also solution that i got from googling but haven’t try it out yet. But i think it is worth to try if you have some time. The solution from Praveen that i got from stackoverflow.