Display Version History Of Files In GridView

This is how to display version history of a file in gridview. This is to make it more convenient for user. User doesn’t have to choose version history from dropdown list of a properties of files in library. User has to enter a file name and click button to display version history of that file in gridview. Untitled

Multiple Upload File Programmatically Using GridView

This is how to upload multiple file in SharePoint 2010. When user clicks upload button, the uploaded files will be put in windows temporary folder and listed in GridView. When user clicks submit button then the files will be send to SharePoint library. Refer to this solution from SaravananUntitled

Insert Value In Document Library Column

Although it’s almost the same as inserting value in list but it is quite different. This code will also show how to add multiple document in the desired document library. This is a solution from Salaudeen Rajack

Upload File Programmatically Using FileUpload Tool

Use this code to use fileupload tool in visual studio. This code will upload the file in the task or library that has been specified.

About PeopleEditor

PeopleEditor is a tool to select users from SharePoint or server. If you want to make your own custom form you can use this to select person or group.


First you need to register in the source code of usercontrol.ascx of your webpart using this code


Now add this code to where you would like the PeopleEditor to be

add this code to make the border available

More info on PeopleEditor you can visit Karine Bosch’s site