Get Precise Last Date For Any Month

I have a requirement to find every data between two dates. The date is the start date of any month in any year until the end date of any month in any year. The start date is easy as any month will have 01 as a start date but the end date differs for any month as it can end on 30, 31, 28 or 29. The solution is to add 1 to any month that is selected as the end date to get to the first date of the month and subtracted a day to get the end date of the selected month. Click here for more information.

Dynamic Array For Indicator

I want to make indicators to check for mandatory fields and i have a problem to make a dynamic one. So i plan to use array and loop it to make dynamic indicators for that purposes. This code is in vbscript.

Difference Between Two Dates

I need to get difference between two dates and display the result in months and years. This should be simple. As i am very familiar with DateDiff function. That’s what i thought at first. But i don’t know why i spend so much time on this problem. I even had to consult with my friend to discuss about the formula. This is what i got.

I have to split the year or else it will round up to the nearest integer. There is also solution that i got from googling but haven’t try it out yet. But i think it is worth to try if you have some time. The solution from Praveen that i got from stackoverflow.

Create Table From Back End

This is how to create table or fill in value from the back end. Call a function with a server tag from the front end.

Then use this function at back end to get value and fill it in the table created.

Get All Value From Checked Listing (VBScript)

This is how to get all checked value of checkbox in listing. The code is in VBScript.

The code below is to combine all value and separated by “, ”