Create Table From Back End

This is how to create table or fill in value from the back end. Call a function with a server tag from the front end.

Then use this function at back end to get value and fill it in the table created.

Get All Value From Checked Listing (VBScript)

This is how to get all checked value of checkbox in listing. The code is in VBScript.

The code below is to combine all value and separated by “, ”

Send Value To Gridview From Stored Procedure

This is how to pass value run by SQL with parameter in stored procedure to gridview.

In .VB:


Finding Certain Value In Database

This is how to finding certain value in database to use for checking .

In aspx:

In .VB:

SQL: Hide Column Based On Parameter

This is how you can hide columns in table based on parameter. This is from an article of SQL Reporting Services With Dynamic Column Reports from The specific tutorial can be seen in step 10 of that article. Code example. Modified on your own accord.